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Eight Little Bluebirds.  Art by Jennifer Lommers.

Other services

Oral History Recording Service

Gift of Memories also offers a personalised, professional oral history recording service (within Australia) for individuals, families, businesses and community organisations who wish to record and preserve their unique stories and history. This includes:

Transcription Service

Gift of Memories also offers a professional oral history transcription service. You can upload your audio files and also retrieve completed transcripts all via Dropbox, you don't have to have a Dropbox account for this to work!

To use this service please contact Mary-Jill. Once you have agreed to using the oral history transcription service Mary-Jill will provide you with the appropriate Dropbox links for uploading your audio and also for downloading completed transcripts.

Please note that Dropbox is a free service, but the transcription service will incure a fee - please ask upon enquiry.

Please contact Mary-Jill at support@giftofmemories.com to discuss and to obtain a free quote for these services.

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You may also request an order for a hard-copy directly from me. Payment for this method is by direct bank deposit.

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