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Welcome to Gift Of Memories A step-by-step ebook guide to help you record your own family's memories and history. So now you can record your family's memories (family history oral history recording service Canberra) simply and easily, and have fun along the way.

Learn how to record your own family history Australia

Historian Canberra Australia; using my downloadable book with easy instructions on how to record your family memories and history. Historian in Canberra Australia an easy guide to help you record your family memories and history Genealogy Australia.
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How do I record my family history

Family historian in Canberra Australia shows you how to record your family history by using carefully planned questions. Learn how to interview your family members to find out interesting information about your family history. Guide to finding out about your families stories & creating a living family tree.

Oral history questions australia

Questions should be designed to elicit candid, relaxed responses from your interviewee are grouped into logical, chronological sections: your early family years and relatives; your childhood family home; family life when you were growing up love and marriage; the war years; and looking back and taking stock. Ask relatives questions to record, When fascinating patchwork of answers is put together, a living branch will appear on your family tree.

Older generations - recollections of the past

In the past, when generations of families shared the same house or lived close by, the elders passed on the family history by word of mouth in the form of stories, experiences, traditions, beliefs, and wisdom. However, in today's rapidly changing and increasingly mobile society, families are often geographically seperated by work and other commitments. They don't always have the opportunity or the time to sit down and talk with the older folks about their recollections of the past; unless someone records these stories before they pass on, their precious memories are lost forever.

How do I begin recording my family history

Your family memories can be preserved by using a variety of media that captures in real time people's feelings, expressions,and nuances of language, but for the purpose of my book and to give you the full benefit of my own experience, I have concentrated on the practice of audio recording your family history.

Did you know that you could be the link for up to five generations of the branches on your fmaily tree? Your great-grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren, as well as your brothers, sisters, aunts uncles, and even family friends, all have stories to shoare about their lives and about your family's history. So it is very important that you continue to collect and add as many stories as you can to create and perpetuate the "living" branches on your family tree for future generations of your family to enjoy.

In Your Living Family Tree, author Mary-Jill Bellhouse offers an easy step-by-step guide to get you started recording your family history. This guide is full of practical techniques and tips on how to prepare for an interview, how to conduct the interview and what to do with the completed recordings. She includes questions - designed to elicit candid and relaxed responses from your interviewee -grouped into logical chronological sections.
Published by: Balboa Press
ISBN: 9781452524771
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a step-by-step guide to
recording your family history

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Wouldn't you love to know all about your family's history?

Who were your ancestors?

Your family tree might tell you their names, where they lived, and what they did for a living, but wouldn't you like to know more? What did they look like? Did you inherit any of their looks or personality traits? What experiences did they have and who were the people who shaped their lives?

We can't ask those who have already gone, but what if future generations of your family could discover the answers to these questions, and more, by listening to their living ancestors tell their own stories and the stories they know about your family?

Hi, I'm Mary-Jill Bellhouse and I've been recording family history for 20 years.

Now I've created an easy, step-by-step guide to help you record conversations with your relatives about your family history. There's no complex jargon, and you don't have to spend frustrating hours searching the internet for the right questions to ask or advice on how to interview. I've done it for you.

Your family would love to share their memories with you. All you have to do is ask, and when the fascinating patchwork of stories is stitched together, a living branch of ancestors appears on your family tree.

Think how wonderful it will be to give this gift of memories to your children and grandchildren for future generations of your family to treasure!

Just click on any of the links opposite (or scroll down for smartphone users) to purchase a copy of the guide and start recording your family history. You'll be so glad you did!

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